Our Services

Rapid Response Team (RRT)

LUK’s trauma center developed the Rapid Response Team in partnership with Community Healthlink’s Victim Services Program (a program funded by MOVA)

RRT provides support to children and families in North Central Massachusetts who have been victims of crime and are waiting for longer-term services. RRT provides short-term (12 weeks) of tailored services which may include individual and/or family treatment. Families receive immediate trauma screening and linkages to ensure appropriate treatment options are accessible. Additionally, RRT offers groups for both children and parents.

Our child groups were developed using the Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) model. The group teaches valuable coping skills and supports children in learning to identify their emotions. Children also learn ways to manage and regulate their behaviors and feelings.

The RRT parent group offers Trauma-Informed Parenting for caregivers of children who have experienced traumatic events. This group educates caregivers about the impact of trauma on the development and behavior of children and provides caregivers with the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to the behavioral and emotional challenges of traumatized children.

Critical Incident Trauma Response Team

LUK's Critical Incident Response Team offers support services and referrals to communities and/or organizations after traumatic events and respond

 on-site by helping individuals identify healthy coping strategies. Reactions to traumatic events vary widely, but can include extreme fear, shock, helplessness, and physical symptoms. For some people, extreme stress following a trauma can be overwhelming and cause lasting psychological effects if left untreated. Examples of incidents where we responded include:

  • Schools where students have died by suicide, homicide, medical or accidental causes;
  • Communities affected by tornadoes, floods, or other natural disasters; and
  • Violence in a school, workplace, or community

Services are provided in partnership with Riverside Trauma Center and are funded through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Finding Resilience after Domestic Violence

In partnership with the Department of Public Health, LUK provides services to youth ages 0-17 who have witnessed and/or have been exposed to domestic violence. These services are provided at no cost to children and their caregivers with an emphasis on enhancing support and safety of survivors. Individual and family therapy as well as groups are offered utilizing trauma and resilience-informed approaches.

Trauma Informed Training and Consultation

LUK has expertise on training community groups and caregivers on the impact of trauma by utilizing a variety of evidence-informed curricula. For additional information and descriptions of the trainings offered please click here.